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//August 2019//

Our first promo video. In an effort to show what we can do, we aimed for good vibes with good people.

Song: Under the Sun - Dreamville

//August 2019//

You can see the growth and expansion here. Anomaly Tees were the product, but the focus was inclusivity.

Song: RNP - Cordae

//December 2019//

Our first big collaboration piece with Rare X.  Wanted to stress and highlight the vibrant color schemes that we created. 

Song: BOP - DaBaby

//February 2020//

This was a stance more than it was a campaign.  Our Black History Month long sleeves were created to make a statement. Were you listening?

Song: Big Shot - Kendrick Lamar

//August 2020//

Our first edition of the Comfy Collection.  Vibrant shirt and short sets that pushed our creativity. Wanted to show that you can be comfy in any setting.

Song: Don't Hit Me RIght Now - Dreamville

//November 2020//

Continuing on with the Comfy Collection. We wanted to have a fun, family BBQ vibe. This video was meant to make you jump out of your seat and groove.

Song: Feel So Good - Mase

//January 2021//

First time for everything. We decided to try our first night shoot, to accentuate the reflective details of windbreaker sets. How do you think we did?

Song: Lemonade - Internet Money

Featured Items:

Prism Anomaly x Rare WB 2.0

Rose Anomaly x Rare WB 2.0

Iroh Anomaly x Rare WB 2.0

Onyx Anomaly x Rare WB 2.0

Cyan Anomaly x Rare WB 2.0

Anomaly SCF LLC does not own the rights to any of the songs listed or used above.

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