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For those who get it, you get it. Just a nod to a classic, but a very powerful one. Don't take the words lightly. Always aim to provoke some sort of feeling, but strive to do that within yourself first. Oh yeah, and it's a dope Tee for your wardrobe.

Provocative Oversized Tee

  • Chest: S: 23in M: 24in L: 25in XL: 26.5in XXL: 28in

    Length: S: 29.5in M: 30.5in L: 32in XL: 33in XXL: 34.5in

    Bottom Width: S: 23in M: 24in L: 26in XL: 27in XXL: 28in

    Sleeve: S: 8.25in M: 8.75in L: 9.75in XL: 10.25in XXL: 10.75in

  • Wash COLD, air dry.

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