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Your favorite product, now able to be warn in all weather. Our cargo short are reinforced with double-stitching, adding to the durability while maintaining the comfort factor. Each cargo pocket is embroidered and accompanied by velcro opening strips. Each pair of short also comes with an adjustable drawstring to meet most body types.

Anomaly Cargo Shorts

  • Wash COLD and air dry.

  • Length: S: 37 M: 40 L: 46 XL: 50 XXL: 52
    Waist: S: 78-83 M: 83-92 L: 95-99.5 XL: 100.5-109 XXL: 115-128
    Hips: S: 95 M: 100 L: 116 XL: 125 XXL: 135

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