Back to School

I know not everyone is back to school, but it’s about that time. Time where reality hits and we’re back in the classroom or back on the laptop, because over here we respect everyone who is trying to get their education, however that may be. For myself, being a student-athlete, this just means I’m back to being both mentally and physically drained, but I love being tired because it means I’m being productive. Winter break allows us to slow down, gain our rest, and enjoy our families. Heading back to school forces us to dive back into real life situations, which aren’t usually something we want to face or deal with anyway. I’ve learned there’s two types of people when it comes to this time of year, those who will fold and let the situations roll over them and those who will turn any adversity into fuel and become productive. Productivity is what I strive for in a day, and if I wasn’t productive, I failed. I don’t care what area I need to be productive in, I just need to do something, and I’m sure I’m not the only one with this mindset. Heading back to school brings us all a lot of stress but remaining focused and getting tasks done one by one helps relieve stress, which is why I think people clean and do things around the house rather than studying. This is obviously counterproductive, especially talking about heading back to school, but imagine putting that same energy into tasks that carry weight and can project you into great new areas. Completing tasks can only help you because something is always done, whether it be big or small, and that is something that I’ve come to learn more as I keep adding things on my plate. I’m not here to lecture you only writing to share my story and lend a helpful hand. Stay productive in your transition back into school. Handle your business and make no excuses. Stay Different. Be an Anomaly.


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