About Anomaly


n. as is stated in Webster’s, is something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.


What this definition offers you is an idea of what it is that this brand stands for, but it is much more complex and intricate than that.  What started out as a state of mind and daily mantra for a young, black high school kid led to ideas that combine different forms of entertainment and expression through diverse art forms.  These art forms, perfectly unalike, fall under all aspects, oral, aural, physical, mental and so on. 


Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jye Anthony Citizen, and my goal with this brand was to be a center of enjoyment and discovery, that talks about sports, music, and fashion and any other faction of hip-hop and pop culture.  In my experience, this type of space is rare, an anomaly so to speak.  I’m best when I am able to put pen to paper and let my thoughts and ideas spill, but I also enjoy partaking in open conversations about certain subject matters or popular news or events. 


The goal is to inspire creativity in black and brown youth.  Doing that, the plan is to supply this space with thought provoking articles or writing pieces, coupled with entertaining videos that allow you to ponder some ideas.  Now, for me, nothing is better than having a multitude of creative and intelligent minds sharing their opinions and ideas on certain topics, therefore I wish to open this space to anyone who has something to say.


In addition, within these videos, I would like to share stories of individuals who represent that Anomaly mindset and lifestyle, through taking part in whatever craft that stimulates them enough to create their own path or idea within that craft, making it their own.  They would share their stories, and the hope is to spark some creativity, motivation, and/or realization within you to help progress you along your path in life. Anomaly is here to remind you that being different is okay, going against the norms of society is perfect, and creating your lane is healthy.


Be Different, Make your own lane, Be the Anomaly.


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