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About Anomaly


n. as is stated in Webster’s, is something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.


What this definition offers you is an idea of what it is that  we stand for, but it is much more complex and intricate than that.  What started out as a state of mind and daily mantra for a young, black kid led to ideas that combine different forms of creativity and expression through diverse art forms.  


The goal is to inspire creativity and individuality amongst black and brown youth.  Doing that, the plan is to supply this space with thought provoking writing pieces, coupled with podcasts and clothing design. 

Our hope is to spark some creativity, motivation, and/or realization within you to help progress you along your path in life. Anomaly is here to remind you that being different is okay, going against the norms of society is perfect, and creating your lane is healthy.


Be Different, Make your own lane, Be the Anomaly.


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